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Sicogon Island’s 360-degree approach to Sustainability: Inclusive Growth

Following the sustainability principles of Ayala Land, as demonstrated in other tourism estate developments such as Lio in El Nido Palawan, Sicogon is envisioned to be a model for sustainable planning and construction. Its retail shops and beachfront hotels will only have three floors and will have a setback of at least 40 meters from the coastline. 282 hectares will be kept as protected forested area.

Inclusive Growth through Capacity Building and Local Employment

The upward trajectory of tourist arrivals and emerging businesses in Sicogon paves the way for greater employment potential for the community. The development of the island into a sustainable tourism estate involves continuing community engagement, skills training, and capacity building initiatives.

While development is underway, ALI is working closely with Ayala Foundation and the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) as well as partner schools Leon Ganzon Polytechnic College (LGPC) and Northern Iloilo Polytechnic State College (NIPSC) to provide training for local talents, and to prepare them for employment on the island or by ALI partner network companies.

ALI’s commitment to sustainable communities has made it easier for residents to start or own new microfinanced businesses that serve tourists and future locators. These include services such as Nito weaving, fish processing, and production of kayak and tourist boats. More info..